Test scores do not define the child, they simply help to understand the child’s strengths and needs.”


Who We Are

We are an organization of professionals who have come together to develop a long-needed tool to aid school teams, that include parents, in understanding school and independent educational evaluations so that the team can make truly informed decisions. The Special Education Decoder System was created by Vaughn K. Lauer, Ph.D. To read more, click here.

What We Do

School evaluations provide vital information that’s often dismissed as just “data.” The test scores from the evaluations are often presented in a way that is difficult for parents and teachers to understand. And just as often, those test scores are only used for eligibility decisions and forgotten.

What if we’re missing key insights? What if that could change? What if the answers we seek are right there in front of us, but we just can’t see them?

After decades of asking the same questions, we have developed a solution!

The Problem In A Nutshell

SCHOOL AND INDEPENDENT EDUCATIONAL EVALUATION REPORTS are often difficult to understand, making it equally difficult for individuals and school teams to make informed decisions.

Reports are typically 15+ pages of technical jargon, often including over 50 different kinds of test scores.

All of this makes it difficult to:

  • Explain the test results,
  • Understand the reports,
  • Determine why and IF a child is eligible for special education services, and
  • Develop effective IEPs if a child is eligible for services.

The Solution In A Picture

The Special Education Decoder System (SEDS) is a tool that visually helps to

  • Explain what the test scores mean,
  • Understand how the test scores relate to needs and strengths,
  • Determine why a child may be eligible for special education services, and
  • Develop effective IEPs that use strengths to meet needs.

It does this by converting/translating numbers into charts and graphs that show the clustering of test scores so that the school team can not only SEE the areas of needs the child may have, but also learn why. Click on the OVERVIEW OF THE SPECIAL EDUCATION DECODER SYSTEM to see how it works.


“I was one of the beta testers! OMG. I was able to take all the scores to the counselor in a beautiful report. I could just point at the number of areas with significant educational concern and all the areas that are major talents. I could quickly show that she was atypical. …So, we didn’t get bogged down because it [the report from the SEDS program] was so clear, and we got to focus on all my daughter’s questions about HS and her career/college plans. Best meeting ever!”

Regina Hylton Rash, Parent

“The Special Education Decoder System is a great tool for your advocacy toolkit!  I was able to use the graphs to show that my daughter is not the sum of her scores.  The school led me to believe that they planned to deny Dyslexia services. I scheduled a meeting with the Dyslexia department and used the graph to point out her strengths and weaknesses in a clear, concise, and easy to understand manner using the Special Education Decoder System. It allowed me to show that crucial scores, although not below average, were a relative weakness when compared to her cognitive ability. By the end of the meeting, they agreed that she needed Dyslexia services and thanked me for being so proactive in fighting for my child’s needs.  I highly recommend this program to ease the burden of test evaluation for both parents and advocates!”

D.P., Parent

“It’s very exciting! It does in minutes what used to take me hours to do — and it’s all visual. Now the staff will be able to see it and say “OHHHHHH!”

Yael Cohen, Parent, Educator and Parent Advocate

“This resource will prove to be a game-changer for parents and advocates. It is what we’ve needed for years – showing with clear visuals the strengths and weaknesses of our children. I’ve taken it to numerous team meetings and have had an incredibly positive response (and outcome) at each. Thank you Vaughn Lauer”

Ann A, Parent and Parent Advocate

“I don’t post products without actually testing the product myself. I can say I was [involved] with this amazing program [SEDS] from the beginning. I was selected to test the program out in its infancy stage. I also want ever reading this I am not getting any money for my endorsement of this product. Vaughn Lauer‘s dedication to helping parents truly shows in this program. It is going to be a game changer for parents advocating. Please check it out and ask questions if you have them.”

Kerri P, Parent and Parent Advocate

“Evaluating evaluations was always time-consuming for me, looking at scores on individual tests, trying to see where they all fitted together and what they revealed about a student.  Having to present this information clearly to teachers and parents in a way that was understandable was, at times, an additional challenge.

Using the Special Education Decoder System has simplified all of this.  It instantly provides an overall view of a student’s test scores on a bell chart, facilitating comparisons quickly and easily.  

This has been highly effective particularly in my role as an advocator and has literally changed the course of a meeting.  Teachers have immediately understood a student’s challenges and issues when presented with a visual picture of strengths and needs.

This is an invaluable tool that I highly recommend.”

Anne Holl, Dyslexia Consultant and Certified Screener
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