A Step by Step Approach to Understanding
Evaluation Reports and Other Data

One large and very important part of special education is the number of assessments that are conducted for children with respect to eligibility, re-evaluations, assistive technology, functional behavioral assessments and more. And there we are with a whole new set of vocabulary words to learn and test scores and numbers that can sometimes make our heads spin. After trying to read the reports, we often wonder just who they were written for.

This course is designed to answer questions about school and independent education evaluation reports, so that we can make sense of the jargon-laden text and 50+ tests scores.

Why is this important? Because unless we can make sense of these reports, our ability to make good educational decisions for children with disabilities is severely weakened.

Who is this course for?  This course is designed for anyone (parents, teachers, school professionals, advocates, and others) who would like to better understand school evaluations in order to make informed educational decisions.


This course will include the following modules, PLUS videos, PLUS online training, resource documents and more.

  • Module I    What’s in An Evaluation?
  • Module II   What Do Tests Test?
  • Module III  What Do These Test Scores Mean?
  • Module IV  How Do I Evaluate an Evaluation?
  • Module V   How Do I Use the Special Education Decoder System at School Meetings?
  • BONUS 1   FREE Access to the Special Education Decoder System ($40 value)
  • BONUS 2   FREE One Hour of Individual Consultant Time ($150 value)

To learn the answers to the questions addressed in these modules, and more, and to help IEP teams make better educational decisions for all children, click on the COURSE DESCRIPTION button.