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The FREE TRIAL has limited elements of the SEDS program but will give a very good understanding of how easy the program is to use, how quick and responsive the program is and how to use the SEDS program as a tool to help explain the meaning of test scores.

The FREE TRIAL includes:

  1. Three tests often used by schools and outside evaluators.
  2. A set of test scores for each test that you can key in, or you can enter test scores of your choosing.

Once the data are keyed in, and with one click, the results are immediately shown in two ways:

  1. Each test is listed with the subtest scores presented in rank order
  2. Clicking again will show all tests and test scores on the left side of the screen with all test scores displayed to the right on a bell curve

Note that all scores may then be shown or hidden allowing the viewers to focus on any or many test scores.

Be certain to download the easy to use manual (found under the Help Button of the SEDS program) and to view all of the other features available with the full version.



A report is a set of test scores (up to 12) from a single school evaluation, an outside evaluation, or a combination of reports.

A SINGLE REPORT PLAN is typically of value to a parent, or other individual, who has a need for a single report and wants to use the SEDS to help understand the test scores and to help in determining whether a child qualifies as having a disability and who needs special education and related services.



A report is a set of test scores (up to 12) from a single school evaluation, an outside evaluation, or a combination of reports.

MULTIPLE REPORT PLANS provide various numbers of reports depending user needs. Those who would benefit from using MULTIPLE REPORT PLANS would include public and private school systems, colleges and university training institutions, private practice evaluators (psychologists), school and private attorneys, and advocates.

Colleges and universities offering evaluation services to parents or schools may also find this program of benefit when explaining the results to parents or school systems.  Institutes of Higher Education will find the SEDS program useful as part of the training of undergraduate and graduate students who are needing to better understand test scores found in evaluations. Additionally, graduate programs in school psychology or educational evaluations can include the SEDS as part of the training to enhance graduates’ abilities to explain the meaning of test scores to individuals or groups of individuals in order to make informed decisions with regard to eligibility determinations and the writing of needs-based IEPs.