Below you will find the most frequently asked questions for the Special Education Decoder system.

FAQ #1 When I try to compare two tests, I can’t seem to get it to work.2017-10-02T12:57:29-04:00

You need to first select the first version of the test you want to compare. Then at the top of the page, you will see a box appear listing the test you selected. There will also be an instruction to select the second version of the test that you want to be compared to the first test selected.  You must give the program a moment or two to post this instruction and then you can select the second test and then wait a moment or two and then click on View Results. The reason for the wait time is to give the program a moment or two to process your requests. Also, be certain you can see the top of the page to view the box with the instructions.

FAQ #2 The bell curve graph somehow is only showing a small section of the bell curve. How do I get it back to see the whole bell curve?2017-10-02T12:57:56-04:00

Click on the Reset Zoom to return to the full graph. You can then zoom in on any area of interest and toggle back and forth as needed.

FAQ #3 I had data showing on the bell curve, but now they are all gone. How do I get them back?2017-10-02T12:58:20-04:00

 You might have accidentally clicked the check marks under the “Show” column and turned them off (hiding them). Simply go back under the “Show” column and click in the space where the check mark (s) originally showed to have the check mark reappear and the data points become visible on the bell curve.

FAQ #4 I would like to remove some of the text boxes and data points from the bell curve. How do I do that?2017-10-02T12:58:53-04:00

Just hover over the data points and click. The text box and test score will be hidden again.

FAQ #5 I realized after I filled in the test data on a report that I used the wrong test version. How do I delete that test from my list of tests?2017-10-02T12:59:21-04:00

Return to the report page and after each test that you completed keying in test scores, you will see two text boxes with a red box that allows you to delete the test. Click on that tat text box.

FAQ #6 I completed filling in the test, only to realize that I forgot to add two test scores. How can I fix this?2017-10-02T13:01:11-04:00

As long as you have not clicked on the “I’m finished adding tests” and confirmed this to be true, you can return to that test and edit it. Just go back to the list of tests under your report and you will see a blue text box with the word “Edit.” Click on that to return to that test to add or change any test scores.

FAQ #7 When I completed the report, I did not indicate what disability the child had. We had an IEP meeting and now I know what the disability is. Can I change the report to have the disability added?2017-10-02T13:00:31-04:00

Yes, you can edit the demographics including the disability at any time. Just return to the report and at the top of the report under the child’s name, you will see a blue “Edit Info” button. Click on that and make the necessary changes.

FAQ #8 I think I made a huge mistake keying in test scores into the report and am totally confused. What do I do?2017-10-02T13:01:16-04:00

Just email “Support” your question. support@specialeducationdecoder.com

FAQ #9 Why can’t I print pages in color using Internet Explorer?2017-11-10T13:24:06-05:00

It appears that the latest version of Edge (Microsoft’s replacement for Internet Explorer) does not have any option to print background colors. Chrome, Safari and Firefox have this enabled using a setting that my programmer can control in the code.
Most Windows 10 installations also include Internet Explorer 11 which has a setting to enable printing background colors that needs to be enabled for the background colors on the tables to appear.
Detailed instructions to print using IE11 can be found HERE:
Or copy and paste this address in your browser: https://rewordify.com/BackgroundColors.htm

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