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A Bit About Us

We are an organization of professionals who have come together to develop a long-needed tool to aid school teams, that include parents, in understanding school and independent educational evaluations so that the team can make truly informed decisions.

Our organization is a core of professionals with decades of experience in the field of special education and school and statewide testing.

We have led or participated in literally 1,000s of IEP meetings and other school meetings where test reports were discussed and are knowledgeable of IDEA and 504 regulations and have provided trainings and workshops at state, regional, national and international venues.

We are linked with professional consultants who are experts in their fields as well as reviewers that include professionals as well as parents and from across the country.

We are dedicated to making sense of school and independent evaluations to professionals and parents who are involved in making the best educational decisions possible for children with disabilities.


Meet The Team

Vaughn Lauer, Ph.D., is an educator with over thirty years experience in the field of special education. Working as a teacher, a university instructor, and a building, district and state administrator in the field of public education, Dr. Lauer’s experience spans all levels of education from pre-school to university. He has also worked in the field of test development for students with disabilities and has created professional development strategies for general and special education personnel.  His work is now focused on assisting parents to obtain an IEP that meets their child’s needs and not that of an individual or institution. He currently lives in Virginia, USA.


SEDS is software designed to help schools and parents make sense of school evaluations for making eligibility and educational programming decisions.

We created this program because every member of our organization (and almost every IEP team member we know) has run into these difficulties:

  • Typical psychoeducational and independent educational evaluations can hold 20 or more test scores spread across as many, or more, pages of text. Ferreting out key data and finding thematic areas of need can quickly become frustrating.
  • Many of us have tried drawing on paper to explain to others what test scores mean–even pulling out napkins to draw bell curves. Admit it, we have all done it!
  • Many of us have also tried using spreadsheets in hopes of sorting out the data. But still their meaning can be elusive to both professionals and lay people.
  • And, really, how many of us can easily hold 20 pages of data in our heads? And those pages of numbers can easily be 60 and more!
  • We also had a difficult time determining what the strengths and needs were and what was actually causing learning (reading, for example) to be a problem for the child.
  • And how could we determine eligibility without making sense of the test reports or develop needs-based educational programs.

So, what is one to do when the key to understanding data, is, in fact, understanding data?



When the School Says No…How to Get the Yes! 
Securing Special Education Services for Your Child


When planning a child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP), it is vital that parents and educators are involved in collaborative decision making. This book offers parents of children with autism and other disabilities a unique way of approaching and tackling the problems that can arise relating to the provision of special education services. Taking a structured, cooperative approach to IEPs, the easily applicable six question process enables parents to determine the needs of their child and obtain the services required by asking key questions during IEP meetings. Explaining the approach through real-life scenarios and issues, this book demonstrates how to achieve effective collaboration with school personnel, ensuring the child receives the appropriate and necessary educational program and services. Providing a practical, structured approach to IEP planning for parents and offering insight into the parental perspective for educators, this IEP planning book is an invaluable resource for anyone involved in IEP meetings. Click Here to buy the book!

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