To My Students,

“More than anything, I’d like to understand how you learn. I would like to have the answers and solutions for you—for all of you. Each of you learns differently, we all do, but how you learn is sometimes a  mystery to you and me. I have taken a multitude of courses, have several degrees, but no two of you learn exactly the same way. I even have the programs that are supposed to help with your exact problems, but after doing quite a bit of investigation, I found that there is more hype and more anecdotal stories than research to support the use of these programs. Especially when they are to be used outside of a clinical setting and in a public school.

I don’t understand how these publishers can do this to us. How dare they say these programs are research based, when that only means they have some loose association with some other research and no real research—whatsoever–to show it works in school settings. That is not fair to anyone, but worst of all to you.

Yes, we are making progress, but I would like for us to make even more. I wish real science knew more.

And, like you, I am not going to stop trying.”

Your Teacher

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