Can anyone help me understand the significance of a “relative weakness” in word attack skills? The WIAT-III places my child in the 8th [percentile ranking] for pseudoword and 21st [percentile ranking] for word reading-but 50th [percentile ranking] for comprehension and fluency. DRA places her at grade level (3rd grade) but the stress of using her strengths to compensate is really overwhelming her. She, of course, does not share this at school.
…I’ve read all the test manuals and literacy research, yet I still struggle to get appropriate supports for my kids-and I am increasingly worried.
…I studied for my PhD in English and have taught many college writing courses, so I feel like…”
[Her message is that she is NOT giving up]

Who here has NOT felt this way at some IEP meeting? I know I have, which is why I created the Special Education Decoder System (SEDS) and why this quote is on the home page of this new website:

“Test scores do not define the child,
they simply help to understand
the child’s strengths and needs.”

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